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Take back control of your device usage

We want you to feel good and have the tools to maintain a healthy relationship with your devices.

How it works

See your habits

Get a glimpse into how your screen time adds up and see the impact this has your wellbeing.

Identify a problem area

Identify key areas you would like to work on to improve your digital habits!

Track your progress

Set personal Goals and we’ll send you reminders so you can track your progress.

Scrabit lets you monitor how much screen time you get as well as how it affects you so that you can set realistic personal goals with helpful daily reminders.

Worried about how much time you spend on your devices?

Spending money on 

your devices?

Scrabit helps you keep an eye on your spending and how it impacts your mood daily, set your own goals and learn practical tips. Your personalised dashboard will help you check your progress.

Would you like to be more in control of your online activities?

Scrabit gives you practical tools and resources for improving your online/offline balance with useful daily reminders and helps you feel you more empowered when you use your devices.

Free on all iOS devices


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